TAMARA SANTIBAÑEZ- Social justice and the political potential of tattooing

About this Tattootales episode

Tamara is a talented and respected member of the tattoo community. There’s much more than what meets the eye tho. Artist, Anarchist, Teacher… a spirit that transcends and breaks the boundaries of one specific field. Tamara’s work in the field of social justice highlights the potential that tattooing carries with the concept of trauma-informed care and enriches this world with unique compassion and vision.

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Find Tamara on Instagram at @tamarasantibanez

About the Tattootales podcast

Tattoo artist Stef Bastiàn, almost twenty years of tattooing under his belt, ten of which on the road, sits down with some of the most significant and influential tattooers around the globe. Artists with over two-three decades of experience and a lifetime of accomplishments, defeats, challenges and insights. Those voices that deserve to be amplified entertain, educate and inspire a whole new generations of tattooers worldwide.

Stef’s work to preserve the knowledge and experience of older generations is insanely valuable and I hope that the younger generation in particular will discover and listen to the podcast.

About Stef Bastiàn

Since 2017 he has participated in a huge amount of projects and collaborations and initiated many projects himself. Especially remarkable for me is his social engagement. The collective of elite artists that Stef selects and coordinates already collected and donated over 130,000€ with the help of his various charity projects. An insane amount. And my utmost respect for so much dedication.

And not to forget: I personally love his tattoos and art a lot too! If you haven’t already, I recommend you follow Stef on Instagram.

By the way, if you have any questions for Stef, feel free to contact him here at the Tattoo Panel. We are very proud to have Stef on board as a member.

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