Next Steps in Term of Reach Copyright European Tattoo Panel 2021

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” – NEXT STEPS in term of REACH

These words from 1964s boxing legend Cassius Clay better known as Muhammad Ali came to our mind, when we thought about the current situation of our European tattoo industry. David against Goliath or more precisely, Tattoo Industry against EU Government. Yet, we all want the same thing – adequate consumer protection!

A lot of things seem to be more important than a resolution by tattoo artists

In our post “126,000 Supporters for Save the Pigments and no voice – until now” we reported, that the idea of a Resolution Request in the Coordinators Committee failed, when it was included as an agenda item for the EU plenary session.

Actually, it is even more unfortunate, as the Resolution Request had already made it onto the first draft agenda. However, due to a chain of unfortunate circumstances, poor input from the EU Legal Service and changes of opinion from group votes that were thought to be safe, the Resolution Request was removed as an agenda item in the second pass.

In history, the whole process is rather unique. Not only because a Resolution is considered an extremely significant political tool, but also the handling of it has to be managed very carefully.

Unfortunate circumstances for the failure of the Resolution Request

In the follow-up discussions at the coordinators’ meeting in mid-November, it turned out that apparently not only the Modern Green-Left party. But also the Left parties had focused only on the transitional periods for its entry into force, which are anchored in the REACH Regulation. And these were sufficient!

Further consequences resulting from the REACH regulation for the tattoo industry and the associated lack of consumer protection were apparently not really understood by the MEPs until now. In addition, you could also think that the legal service of the EU had not adequately worked up the REACH facts in its statements for the parliamentary groups. However, the right questions would have had to be asked for this.

As a result, in addition to the votes of the Green and the Left, the vote of the Liberal Group, which until then was believed to be safe, was also lost. And the Resolution Request was deleted from the further draft of the agenda.

In the aftermath and analysis of the decision, this whole circumstance is only crowned with an overheard sentence from one of the factions:

“We really seem to have made a mistake there!”

Certainly a moment in history when it seems a good thing, that chainsaws are banned in the EU Parliament.

Joking aside! We are in a really highly sensitive area at the EU government level with the Resolution Request on REACH. There are rules to follow and mistakes to avoid. In order to investigate the entire process in more detail, the responsible authorities should now look into the matter.

Caused by the bitter setback at the last coordinators meeting, Austria went on the offensive with Alexander Bernhuber as EPP group spokesman. He tried not only to inform MEPs more profoundly about REACH and its consequences, but above all to win back their votes for the project of a resolution proposal.

Information Event fpr MEPs an APA on the Petition Save the Pigments

The knights of the Round-Tattoo-Table had invited to take seat

On November 24, an online event led by Alexander Bernhuber was held with 5 experts. They came from the fields of chemical law, allergology, science, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, ESTPresearch and the tattoo industry at EU level, respectively.

Here all important MEPs and personally invited journalists (APA) were informed about the EU petition No. 1072/2020 “Save the Pigments” and the related REACH issue and explained in detail. The aim of the info meeting was to turn negative voices of the EU delegates into positive ones for our cause. This meeting was unfortunately not public and the outcome as usual undetermined.

What the tattoo industry and above all the protagonists from tattoo, medicine, politics and science around the Save the Pigments campaign from the EU government side is demanded here, is hardly to be described in words.

At this point, we can only thank from the bottom of our hearts for the tireless commitment of all those involved!

If you want to show your appreciation for the tattoo industry. Please support the Save the Pigments EU campaign with your voice and continue to draw attention to it.

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Over 126,000 petition votes and Save the Pigments didn’t even end up on the EU Parliament’s agenda. At the end of October, Erich Mähnert and Michael Dirks reported on the next steps of the EU petition. The enormous media demand and the large number of supporters, did not go unnoticed by the EUC. But a resulting resolution request in the European Parliament was already defeated in the preliminary round of the plenary session.


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