The European Tattoo Panel mission.

We invite you! To join us on our mission.

1. The European Tattoo Panel will be the B2B platform for the European tattoo industry.

The transformation of the free-spirited tattoo craft into an ambitious industry has been ongoing for several years. Partly unintentionally, partly initiated by the industry itself, we have now reached a point where we have to think about our future and participation opportunities in the market. Above all, however, we should join forces to shape this future from within the sector itself. Also and especially for our successor generations.

For this reason, with the European Tattoo Panel, we are offering all commercial market participants a central platform to strengthen us together for change, to bundle and pass on expert knowledge and to make it available for interdisciplinary exchange among each other. We want to work together on innovative solutions and ideas and provide a digital space for this. Past events and their trajectories show that the tattoo market urgently needs a common strategy and platform in the form of the European Tattoo Panel.

Examples of this are:

  1. The impending ECHA/REACH regulation on the pigment ban has been discussed by the EU Commission for several years. Communication to tattoo associations and tattooists on this fundamentally important issue for the industry was very slow and hesitant, as there was no common communication platform where they could network and organise themselves without the public being involved.
  2. The DIN 17169 / CEN procedure could only be influenced in a practical way by considerable commitment of individuals and financial means of the Deutsche organisierte Tätowierer e.V.( DOT e.V.) to have a practical and meaningful influence. However, this is a special case and will not always be possible in the same way in the future with further regulatory efforts by the authorities.
  3. In the NiSV procedure in Germany (Laser tattoo removal with doctor’s reservation), more practical knowledge could have been included by pooling our competences and more attention would have been paid to the interests of our industry. 

The European Tattoo Panel stands as an incubator for:

The bundling of our market strengths
The bundling of our leading forces
The bundling of the collective expertise of our industry

In this way, we can present and represent our competences and interests much better. Only in this way we can have a say in the regulation of our service sector and increase and catalyse our own quality. 

2. We educate ourselves and subsequent generations to become responsible tattoo artists.

The fact that the tattoo market is also suffering from a tough price war due to a lack of regulation, among other things, is not a new phenomenon. Many professional and commercial tattoo artists have long complained about the increase in cover-up motif requests.

This is due, among other things, to the amateur tattooists (scratchers) working on a private basis, who have been delivering poor quality working and lack of hygiene at cheap prices for years. It will be very difficult to motivate them to change their way of thinking. In order to stand out more from this group of people, we need our own defined specifications as a quality standard, which not only represent adequate consumer safety, but above all give us a competitive advantage.

However, it is much more important to raise quality awareness among the public and to bring the upcoming generations of tattoo artists to a professional and responsible basic conviction for our trade from the very beginning. 

3. And that's also part of our mission:

In the European Tattoo Panel, we are bringing together renowned experts, innovative lecturers and trend-setting speakers from a wide range of fields who will enrich and inspire our participants.

For this purpose, the planned digital online reach of the European Tattoo Panel will present a highly professional picture of the industry with expertise and expert knowledge. We will achieve this by providing a comprehensive trade magazine (online & app) and our targeted public relations. Further training offers as well as the industry-internal specialized communication will be thereby naturally only professional tattooers, and/or those, who would like to become it, accessible. Our mission fulfills in addition to the achievement of the above goals for the industry also and in particular more consumer safety and thus also a secured protection for ourselves!

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