The European Tattoo Panel vision.

Constantly changing and yet constant.

Our Vision

In the European Tattoo Panel we are bundling our country-specific working environments and making them clearer and more transparent.

Digital tools and services that are available nowadays in private and business areas make a lot of information intransparent and possible interfaces are not even used properly. We are designing the European Tattoo Panel not only as a digital basis for centralising knowledge and know-how, but also to make information visible and open for joint further development.

Our working world is evolving. Business models and rules are changing. Not always to our advantage. Our vision is to co-create this change with the tattoo industry and make the European Tattoo Panel a valued companion in the process. 

Together with relevant tattoo associations and advocacy groups, we want to create orientation and work out a clear path (e.g. in quality standards and training guidelines for the tattoo industry in Germany) to turn possibly fleeting thoughts and visions into reality.

Our Tattoo Panel-Vision sees itself as a smart and intuitive network platform that creates the foundation for a self-designed future based on transparent communication and information. Therefore, it is important to act on an equal footing, to learn with and from one another and to shape together. 

Our Logo

Our circular Tattoo Panel-Logo represents the strength and stability but also our unity with an inner circle, whose free spaces between the equal colour segments reflects our openness and accessibility.

In our colour-free or white centre stand the customers. Recognisable parallels to the “Noble Eightfold Path” of Buddhist teachings point to the common learning content, whose components are all of equal importance. We chose the Tattoo Panel colour scheme because the blended colour mobilises new strength, ensures a clear head and stands for honesty. It strengthens self-confidence, improves communication skills and helps to achieve more success. However, the colouring also indicates aloofness, which helps us to distinguish ourselves from others.

We chose the blue/European blue colour scheme, because the Tattoo Panel is only on an ambitious path of development. The yellow colour segment is a symbol of tolerance, patience and wisdom and reflects, in addition to a sharp mind, absolute truth. It also serves as a bridge with regard to the yellow stars of the European flag. 

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