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2nd Tattoo Panel Days: Infection Hygiene Regulation & Hygiene Management

The 2nd Tattoo Panel Days are all about the topic of hygiene. Together with our lecturer, Daniel Rust, we offer you on the first day the hygiene training according to the Infection Hygiene Ordinance including the expertise part 1. On the second day you will receive all the know-how and extensive information and organizational material to introduce your hygiene management in your tattoo studio in such a quality that it meets your professional requirements and the demands of the authorities.

Attention. The two days have to be or can be booked separately and there are different limited numbers of participants.

Daniel Rust is tattoo artist and studio owner of Tattoo Snake Skin in Hanau and Rodgau. He is a quality management supervisor (IHK), state-certified disinfectant, lecturer for hygiene, communication and studio management. Furthermore, Daniel is the managing director of the training center, QHProtect. Since 2018, Daniel is a board member of the Bundesverband Tattoo e.V. and head of the quality standards working group.

The 2nd Tattoo Panel Days will take place at Daniel’s training center, QH Protect, in Rodgau near Frankfurt. The price includes non-alcoholic drinks and snacks for refreshment.

15% for your engagement
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Ferdinand-Porsche-Ring 7
63110 Rodgau

The 2nd Tattoo Panel Days will be held in German language.

Day 1: Hygiene training according to Infection Hygiene Regulation

Friday, 26.11.2021 from 10-18 hrs.
Available tickets: 20


The seminar for the acquisition of the expertise part I provides for 8 teaching units of 45min each. At the end, each participant of the hygiene training receives an official certificate of the training center QH Protect.

Due to the individual support, the number of participants is limited to 20 persons.

According to QH Protect, you can expect the following topics, among others:

Basic knowledge of hygiene and microbiology

  • Basics and definition of hygienic tasks
  • Objectives of hygiene
  • Basics of microbiology
  • Basics of blood-borne infections
  • Types of transmission
  • Survivability of different pathogens
  • Skin structure and allergies

Important basics and standards

  • Infection Protection Act
  • Hessian infection hygiene regulation
  • Hygiene recommendations for reprocessing
  • Tattooing products ordinance

Basic knowledge of hygiene management

  • Recommendations on hygiene requirements e.g. AWMF guideline tattoo artists and piercers
  • Hygiene plan – preparation of facility-related hygiene plans
  • Cleaning and disinfection plan
  • Requirements for rooms and equipment
  • Requirements for personal protective equipment
  • Hand disinfection and skin disinfection – practical implementation
  • Hygienic performance of invasive measures
  • Dealing with needlestick injuries
  • Activity-specific hygiene measures e.g. use of leeches, injections
  • Information on clients with special risks, e.g. diabetics, persons with impaired immune system, pregnant women

Preparation and storage of instruments

  • Classification into disposable and reusable instruments
  • Risk assessment of instruments
  • Spatial and organizational aspects of reprocessing
  • Correct procedure for cleaning and disinfecting instruments
  • Applied sterilization procedures
  • Handling of packaging materials and correct packaging forms
  • Requirements for the storage of sterile supplies

Cleaning and disinfection

  • Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, inventory and laundry
    Disinfectant knowledge

Correct disposal of contaminated materials and materials that pose a risk of injury

  • Proper waste disposal in accordance with local waste disposal regulations

Practical implementation of infection hygiene measures

Day 2: Hygiene management in the tattoo studio


Saturday, 27.11.2021 from 10-18 hrs.
Available tickets: 12


You have already attended the hygiene training according to the Infection Hygiene Ordinance, and now you also want to deal with the documentation in the field of hygiene and hygiene management? Then this course is just right for you.

This course includes a large practical part, in which Daniel will work out the basis for an individual and complete hygiene management together with you.

You will receive a prepared folder, which contains a complete structure for the following areas:

  • Cleaning and disinfection plan
  • Risk assessments
  • Safety data sheets
  • Organizational

Each of these folder areas contains information material and templates, which you fill out together with the instructor, Daniel Rust, individually for your products and workflows in the tattoo studio.

The 2nd Tattoo Panel Days will be held in compliance with the 2G+ regulation.

Dear participants,

in a few days it will finally be time and we are looking forward to welcoming you to the 2nd Tattoo Panel Days “Hygiene Training” on Friday, November 26, 2021 at QHProtect in Rodgau.

In the following again the address:

Ferdinand-Porsche-Ring 7
63110 Rodgau
Access via Otto-Hahn-Straße / Gate 1

Your and our health comes first in everything! Therefore, due to the current situation, we have decided to let the event take place under the known 2G+ regulation. This means that all participants must be either vaccinated or recovered. Please bring an appropriate proof with you.

For your and our safety, we will ask you to take a rapid test on Friday for the common “+Plus” of the infection control regulation. Alternatively, you may bring an official test certificate (no older than 24 hours) that is current for the day.

PCR rapid tests can be found here (as a precaution, please get online appointments in advance):

Bürgerhaus Rodgau, Schiller Str. 27, 63110 Rodgau, Germany


Dudenhöfer Str. 4, 63110 Rodgau


Drive-In Testcenter, Selgros Cash & Carry parking lot,
Udenhoutstrasse, 63110 Rodgau

Alternatively for the purpose of testing with us, we would like to ask you to be there already at 9am, so that we have enough time for the tests and can start punctually at 10am with the seminar.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Either by e-mail or via the following mobile number: 0160 / 33 86 967.

We hope for your understanding.

Best regards and stay healthy,
Gordon and Thomas

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